Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have a Happy New Year :)!!!

In the words of my brother: "So I just walked into the kitchen to see my mom standing at the counter with a little plate with 3 little potato chips and a slice of american cheese between two pieces of bread. I said, what is that? She says 'It's my late lunch. I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich.' I said 'But it's not grilled...' She says 'I didn't feel like grilling it' HAHA my mom can be a trip sometimes."

My mom learned how to text and I don't know where she gets some of this stuff.
Exhibit A-->  "We will b home n a bit, card games n bonfire was fun. some ppl brought RVs to stay the night for NYE."
Exhibit B:
Me: "can you get toilet paper on the way home?"
Mom: "Yes    does someone have diarrhea"
Me: "um no. we just only have like 1 more roll left."
Exhibit C:
"At walgreens B home n about - "
Exhibit D: to my brother at the doctor
"stay away from the sick ppl and don't breathe in"

My favorite "I miss you like..." posts between myself and Lindsey for yall's entertainment :):

Then I miss you like Kate Middleton misses William while he's on army assignments in the mountains of the United Kingdom, rescuing wayward hikers!

I miss you like a baby birdie misses the tiny grandma who comes on Tuesdays to throw him pieces of honey whole wheat bread while sitting on a lovely park bench...and this Tuesday she decided she really needed to watch the Price is Right, and she can't find her red walker because she lost her glasses.

I love and miss YOUR flipping face like a monkey in the zoo misses the trees of the rain forest.

I miss you like Harry Potter home for the summer sleeping under the Dursley's cupboard misses Hogwarts. Which is a whole freaking lot.

I miss you like the West Virginia Rainbow Trout I had for lunch misses the dirty West Virginia river it came out of. On account of being pan seared and covered in lemon butter sauce and all. Very unpleasant for the fish. Very delicious for me. :)And that is how much I miss you.

I do miss you like a minnow who has been fished out by a child with a ziplock bag misses his family in the little pond village he used to inhabit.

I miss you like a homeless baby bear misses the warmth of...this ginormous mother and the tree he once called a home in the winter season where he’s supposed to be hibernating but can’t because like I already said he’s homeless. And because he’s homeless and has no home is forced to stay alone, outside, in the cold, with no food for his hunger, no drink for his thirst, and no water that isnt frozen to bathe in. that’s how much I miss you.

I miss you like an ant misses it's home after it was destroyed by a gardener with a water hose.

I miss you like a bottle nose dolphin in a fish tank with an octopus at the zoo misses frolicking with other dolphins in the ocean.

....I miss you like a fat kid at fat camp misses high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated soybean oil.

202 and others, I hope this offered some entertainment before we return to schooool :D love you guys!!!

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