Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Have a Happy New Year :)!!!

In the words of my brother: "So I just walked into the kitchen to see my mom standing at the counter with a little plate with 3 little potato chips and a slice of american cheese between two pieces of bread. I said, what is that? She says 'It's my late lunch. I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich.' I said 'But it's not grilled...' She says 'I didn't feel like grilling it' HAHA my mom can be a trip sometimes."

My mom learned how to text and I don't know where she gets some of this stuff.
Exhibit A-->  "We will b home n a bit, card games n bonfire was fun. some ppl brought RVs to stay the night for NYE."
Exhibit B:
Me: "can you get toilet paper on the way home?"
Mom: "Yes    does someone have diarrhea"
Me: "um no. we just only have like 1 more roll left."
Exhibit C:
"At walgreens B home n about - "
Exhibit D: to my brother at the doctor
"stay away from the sick ppl and don't breathe in"

My favorite "I miss you like..." posts between myself and Lindsey for yall's entertainment :):

Then I miss you like Kate Middleton misses William while he's on army assignments in the mountains of the United Kingdom, rescuing wayward hikers!

I miss you like a baby birdie misses the tiny grandma who comes on Tuesdays to throw him pieces of honey whole wheat bread while sitting on a lovely park bench...and this Tuesday she decided she really needed to watch the Price is Right, and she can't find her red walker because she lost her glasses.

I love and miss YOUR flipping face like a monkey in the zoo misses the trees of the rain forest.

I miss you like Harry Potter home for the summer sleeping under the Dursley's cupboard misses Hogwarts. Which is a whole freaking lot.

I miss you like the West Virginia Rainbow Trout I had for lunch misses the dirty West Virginia river it came out of. On account of being pan seared and covered in lemon butter sauce and all. Very unpleasant for the fish. Very delicious for me. :)And that is how much I miss you.

I do miss you like a minnow who has been fished out by a child with a ziplock bag misses his family in the little pond village he used to inhabit.

I miss you like a homeless baby bear misses the warmth of...this ginormous mother and the tree he once called a home in the winter season where he’s supposed to be hibernating but can’t because like I already said he’s homeless. And because he’s homeless and has no home is forced to stay alone, outside, in the cold, with no food for his hunger, no drink for his thirst, and no water that isnt frozen to bathe in. that’s how much I miss you.

I miss you like an ant misses it's home after it was destroyed by a gardener with a water hose.

I miss you like a bottle nose dolphin in a fish tank with an octopus at the zoo misses frolicking with other dolphins in the ocean.

....I miss you like a fat kid at fat camp misses high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated soybean oil.

202 and others, I hope this offered some entertainment before we return to schooool :D love you guys!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I guess you can't really consider this blog a blog anymore considering (redundant yes) I haven't written anything in months. My bad, people of the internet. I find it kind of funny/freaky that I started this blog before beginning Upper Division Nursing and now I'm getting ready to walk into my last semester of my undergrad career. Time flies....boooooo!!!! While I certainly would not want to go back through the soul-sucking torture that is Nursing School, I would like to turn back time to freshman year just so I could have four more years of college life; WHO WOULDN'T?!?! I can't say I said that or would have ever said that about highschool haha. If I could give advice to my freshman year self regarding nursing school I would say, don't stress so much about the small stuff because in the scheme of life one test doesn't mean anything so let go. The advice I'd give to myself now?--remember what it took to get here, realize you can do it...obviously, breathe (don't wanna get hypoxic or anything), and have the best semester ever :)!!

The only random interesting thing I can think of at the moment is:
1. how awesome am I that I left half of my parent's Christmas gifts in my apartment at school.
2. my puppy loves me so much that she figured the perfect way to show it would be to empty the entire contents of her bladder onto my bed...would your dog do that for you?!
3. Merry Christmas 202 :) see you soon!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

fyi...double o-nine...two-o-two...I miss you!!

Announcement. Announcement. I'm so happy to report I finally have a new laptop. Besides no longer fighting(not really...obviously) people in the clubhouse for a computer to check my emails while they're to busy watching youtube and searching through their friend's new fb album of 1000 photos, one of the great perks of having my own laptop has to be....wait for it, wait for it:
shamelessly watching Justin Bieber on youtube. Yes. Yes I most definitely did say shamelessly, which would make listening to him a nonguilty-guilty pleasure I guess. You can say I'm a dork, I do not take offense...but I'm the coolest dork you'll ever meet! HA. maybe. maybe not.
4th of July plans? My plans will consist of sitting in my bed all day....SLEEPING. Such a fab life eh? Yea I'm pretty flipping excited :D!!! Happy 4th of JUUUULYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Before I go off on an apartment complex rant I'd just like to point out I'm yet again having to use my complex computers...proving to be the only thing this place is good for, well that and the extreme efficiency of the maintenance staff whom fixed all of our breaking appliances/alarms/unlocking windows and the security officers.
My question for the day, though more like the past month,  would be if apartment complexes make most of their profits off of college students wouldn't you think they would do everything in their power to make sure we return????? Clearly, this is not the case. At first I thought this was just the case with my complex, however I hate to say that I'm comforted (in a twisted way...though I'm actually not comforted obviously I'm irritated) in a way to find that no it's like that at most of these establishments. All legalities and no ethics or morals. How depressing. If any of you ever plan to live at one of these please make sure you are never robbed or acquire bedbugs because "legally we do not have to do anything for you". Hahaha that has become my favorite line. On the bright side, this makes for some awesome/funny stories. And I personally love to tell stories lol and I don't even have to embellish these which is wonderful!
Anyways, I hope everyone has a splendid Thursday and Weekend :)!!!
Despite all this is the best summer ever so far: friends, great job(great experience), and good times had by all so far :)!

Monday, May 9, 2011

And so the Summer Begins :)

Now that the semester is finally over I guess it's safe to say I actually have time to write on whatever this thing is. Not that I always have the most entertaining things to say. With that said, when I get bored I'll come back to it :) which quite possibly may happen often.
First off I'M SUPER EXCITED it's summer. Legitely. Yes I just made that word up. Summer means a few things:
A. living in columbia with most of my friends, which who on earth could complain about that :)
B. no school,no studying, no stressing, no cramming, no all-nighters for the sake of school=awesome
C. making that money=winning. Why do people say winning now? He's says the dumbest things; I don't even want to taint this blog with his name. Great job makes for fun times.
Second. I have a few notes I'd like to share.
1. Calling the non-emergency number while being robbed probably isn't the smartest idea...especially when you call 911 to ask what that number is.
2. Pay attention to the fine print when signing a lease with an apartment complex. Unfortunately they actually do read and enforce those words...not just there to fill in extra space. They do not care about your sob-story.
3. My crapbox tv is better than any flatscreen any day of the week. This commercial will represent my recent life. Be jealous of my little 1ftx1ftx1ftx1ft box of utter gloriousness.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I found it!!

To all of those who were deeply concerned, I found the spider. Last night, what like THREE weeks later, crawling around on a floor he pretended like was his own. Unfortunately for him I was done reading this, coughreadingcough, incredibly enjoyable...article. So, I decided the nice thing to do would be to let him read it too...

There are some things that have recently come to my attention that make me SO excited the semester is almost over.
1. For an apartment complex that is so dang expensive, all of their  "fillings" are amazingly cheap. Cheap furniture that I constantly feel is going to collapse underneath me, which is great for self-esteem. Cheap appliances like the dishwasher that automatically turns on when you bump into it....and decides to stay on for up to I believe the longest was 12 hours, which is great for the water bill. Cheap washing machine that decided to leak into my closet a wall away, causing my carpet to become completely saturated. Wonderful amenties that I have yet to use in the time I've lived here...I really could go on.
2. Every semester I feel is getting more and more stressful and the workload is growing, WHICH perfectly aligns with my growing desire for procrastination and lack of motivation. I decided I've been productive enough for one day since I've done what needs to be done for...tomorrow.
3. Clearly with the lack of sleep I am becoming more and more accident prone....more than usual anyway. And that is just not okay.
4. I would like a break from the nursing student schedule...as in a real break. Not when I go on a school held break and it is more like me studying over break...since tests seem to fall oh so close to these.
I think that is sufficient. 009 I MISS YOU (to those couple individuals who are in different pods!)...202 most of you were in 009 anyways but you guys are awesome :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you have 8 legs....don't bother me. You probably won't live.

Last night I was laying in bed studying (insert I hate school statement) and I felt something on my face. I went to figure out what it was and a freaking HOPPING black spider jumped off and onto my bed. I of course immediately jumped off the bed. How I did that I have no clue considering the position I was in. I went to my bathroom to collect myself and returned. I could not find the stupid thing anywhere. What a smart spider.
And so began my panic attack, obviously not really but....I have a HUGE fear of spiders. That would be my one thing that I just cannot even think about without getting all skeeved out. Like right now as I'm writing this I'm itching all over. So feel special.
At 11pm with all of my roommates asleep (thanks guys I totally could have used some emotional support) I proceeded to strip my bed of sheets, pillowcases, and the comforter, and went so far as to stock all of it away in the washing machine (Are you kidding me, there was no way I was leaving any of that in my room). I then remade my bed with new sheets. But then as I was trying to sleep I kept waking up thinking something was crawling on me. Which began minor convulsions. So basically I slept with no covers whatsoever seeing as how I kicked everything off. Course that made me feel unprotected, as if a Spider couldn't get through sheets. I should also mention in my panicked stage I SMOTHERED the whole room in Lysol...what that would do I have no clue but in my head I think I was hoping I'd suffocate the spider. Then I started praying it was a hallucination. Legit. I also put on my fan I guess hoping it would both suffocate and freeze. Unfortunately I still haven't found the thing, and trust me I have looked everywhere. I'm surprised I didn't sleep with the light on.
True Story.
Dear hopping Spider,
You may be having a good time now. But I will find you. And you will die. I'm sorry. Well actually I'm not. I am sorry you're a spider though. Not your fault. Find yourself a good hiding place and you'll be safe.
Love, your current roommate Laura